Virtual chalet & curious exploration – Community update

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well & safe!

Here's what happened on the twenty-fifth week of 2022.

Curious exploration

On Tuesday 21 June, we had a really interesting informal discussion (what Marc called “improv session” and Krasi called “emergent discussion”).

We discussed (available as chapters in the video):

  • Good enough data for decision-making.
  • how organisational dispositionalities can prevent innovation even when people are motivated.
  • Past, future. Future, past.
  • Anchoring the digital in physical to allow for repurposing.

Thursday's session in French was cancelled.

Shared by the community

Here's what community members shared & discussed on our Slack server these past few days, sorted by channel.

Shared by Kevin:

The Iceberg model
“While this metaphor does help us sense that much of reality is invisible to us and does happen roughly in ways where we could talk about patterns at various scales — but it gets far too much wrong to be helpful.”
Iain Kerr on LinkedIn: On Icebergs…The iceberg metaphor is a very popular one in parts of | 191 comments
On Icebergs…The iceberg metaphor is a very popular one in parts of the Systems Thinking world and quite prevalent in general. The basic logic is that... 191 comments on LinkedIn

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