The Design & Critical Thinking Community update


Hi everyone,

Here’s what happened in the community this third week of 2022.

On Tuesday, we discussed how cultures & languages shape our understanding of design, how English and a form of US colonialism exist through the profession & its related education. We also talk of UX Design and our relationship to consumerism & capitalism, and the shortcomings of the current forms of design education.

On Thursday, we discussed the shifts in demand around the practice of design during the pandemic, the need to make sense in order to make decisions, the problem of dashboards, the Design Sprint, and a problematic discourse on neuroscience & UX design.

Wish you a wonderful week and see you next week! 👋

Kevin from Design & Critical Thinking.

Virtual Chalet, Tuesday 18 January 2022

Design, culture, education, and capitalism. Watch here or listen here.

Chalet Virtuel, Tuesday 20 January 2022

Design, incertitude, sense-making, et neurosciences. Watch here or listen here.