A handpicked selection of (hopefully) interesting articles for design, business and tech people. Enjoy!

Company’s alignment tool: Service Blueprints

Use this UX tool when creating and/or improving products. A Service Blueprint is a useful tool to map or anticipate all the interactions between a customer and the company.

Service Blueprints - Communicating the Design of Services
Service blueprints were first described by Lynn Shostack, a banking executive, back in 1982 in the Harvard Business…www.interaction-design.org

Case study: The Jobs To Be Done applied

A great example of creating an MVP in a customer-centric way using the Jobs To Be Done approach.

The JTBD Research Process We Used To Build Our MVP for Userlist.io
When Jane Portman, Benedikt Deicke and I decided to join forces on Userlist.io, none of us wanted to start a company…jtbd.info

Feed your mind: great onboarding examples

A user onboarding flow is not just an entry point, it helps the user during its very first steps into a new product and understand its value.

3 Awesome User Onboarding Flows for Web
This is not going to be yet another “best practices” article because there is no definitive best user onboarding. User…uxplanet.org

Today’s business odyssey: the technology trap

The real risk of technology is not its proliferation, nor its complexity, nor its uncertainty, but its distraction. It’s easy to get seduced by new technologies. […] It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that technology in and of itself doesn’t make money ­­– business models do.

Technology Doesn't Make Money, Business Models Do
Disruption of the financial services sector is unlike anything the market has ever seen. This shift in market forces is…www.fahrenheit-212.com

Designers & developers: make love, not war

Hard time working together? Guess what: It’s like any relationship, you need passion, trust, respect and active listening (like you’re really trying to understand the other), this in both direction.

(ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆

Working Together: How Designers And Developers Can Communicate To Create Better Projects
Among the most popular suggestions on Smashing Magazine's Content User Suggestions board is the need of learning more…www.smashingmagazine.com

Invention ≠ Innovation

Innovation is not driven by technical prowess but by value. When R&D budgets increase, they don’t necessarily generate innovations unless new technologies are embedded in great value propositions and business models.

Don't Mistake Increased R&D As More Innovation
I'm reading a lot about increased investment in R&D and how it can generate innovation inside large companies. It's a…blog.strategyzer.com

Make meetings great again

It’s common to hear people say that meetings are a “waste of time“, but this is an overcorrection. Meetings aren’t inherently bad. Bad meetings are miserable. You can turn the dial down on meeting misery if you give these three things to meeting invitees.

How to save your team from meeting misery
It’s common to hear people say that meetings are a “waste of time“, but this is an overcorrection.betterhumans.coach.me

Why this reading list? Too often we stay in our comfort zone and reduce our vision to what we already know: Designers read design stuff, business folks read business articles. Makes sense? But in reality things are not so divided and domains of knowledge overlap all the time.

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