During this webinar, we presented and played out the beta version of a new framework to navigate complex environments.

​The framework uses metaphors which interconnect and help draw a map of realities & possibilities, and highlight relationships to foster new narratives. ​

This is a tool to help organisations do either diagnosis or prospective work about a current situation and/or a potential challenge/problem. The aim is to enable organisations to find direction, develop a portfolio of strategies, or simply make better decisions in a playful way.

​It is built around 4 main concepts:

  1. ​Oceans – The type of environment(s) the organisation is navigating in (eg. market);
  2. ​Archetypes – The type of organisational behaviours and related heuristics;
  3. Landscape – The type of contextual structures that exist within/around the organisation and provide capabilities and constraints;
  4. ​Monsters – The type of challenges and obstacles.

Event resources

Find the Miro board used during this event here:

Ocean20 Framework - view only


A big thank you to all the participants for joining and playing with us! Your energy was incredible and helped create an amazing experience! And an even bigger thanks to my partners in crime in this adventure, Daiana and Krasi, our collaboration has created something truly unique! Can't wait to see where we will go next with this original framework. 🙏

Special thanks to Daniele Catalanotto and the SDN community!

This event has been possible through the collaboration of members from multiple design and innovation communities around the world:

Kevin from Design & Critical Thinking.