Hi everyone,

Sorry for not publishing anything since the beginning of 2024, this has been a hectic few months and difficult to find time to focus and organise.

Anyway, the end of last year was all about Solarpunk and I recently managed to (finally) publish the recording of our last 2023 session to our YouTube channel.

What can designers learn from Solarpunk? – Description

SolarPunk is relevant to designers for its optimistic hybridisation and a sense of “finding back a form of purpose and meaning”. Let’s understand how.

This is a recording of the Design & Critical Thinking community's end-of-year event, "A Solar(punk) End of Year" on 19 December 2023.

"It is snowing outside. the bio-generator fireplace warms and lightens up the room. Our cosy virtual chalet, on the outskirts of the greenhouse town and built around the magnificent pine tree, is dressed for the celebrations and your host, Kevin, is preparing the Swiss raclette with the solar-powered hoven. Let's celebrate this end of the year together!"
A Solar(punk) End of Year

The presentation is adapted from a series of posts on the community's website.

And combined into one article published on UX Collective.

Thanks for reading,

Kevin from Design & Critical Thinking.