3 Myths We All Have Been Taught And That Prevent You And Your Business To Grow

The Cognitive Bias Codex, which list more than 200 known human biases.

We, as humans, are full of biases or “cognitive short-cuts” which help us understand the world around us –let’s say– more easily. These biases help our brain to take quick decisions all the time. Sounds good, right? But it comes with interesting side effects.

Stereotypes, rationalization, confirmation bias (e.g. cherry-picking news), are some examples of cognitive biases.

And let’s make it clear: we are all equal towards these biases.

At some point, they are inevitably part of our reasoning and eventually affect it, even tho we appear to remain logic. Interestingly, these biases provide a fertile ground to spread some myths, beliefs, and –sometimes– wrong information (a.k.a. fake news).

So here are some of these myths and beliefs you may encounter when conceiving a business, a product or a service.

Myth 1: Humans Are Rational Beings

On Myths & Beliefs in Business — Part 1
Humans are Rational Beingsmedium.com

Myth 2: People don’t know what they want

On Myths & Beliefs in Business - Part 2 - Kevin Richard - Medium
This myth probably comes from the most misunderstood concept in business. This myth is perfectly illustrated by this…medium.com

Myth 3: People don’t like change

On Myths & Beliefs in Business - Part 3 - Kevin Richard - Medium
Is it true? Do you really believe that? Or are you just saying that because we all already heard that at least once…medium.com

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