Join us for our next community workshop to bridge the empathy map.

Community workshop: Exploring The Empathy Gap, Tue, Sep 27, 2022, 6:00 PM | Meetup
Hi, fellow Design & Critical Thinkers, This is our monthly community workshop where we build & discuss the future of the community, try out new ideas, and more. **This se

Empathy in design

In Design, the quality of empathy sets the tone of key product decisions and what essentially makes a product life-centric. However, empathizing is not something that can be activated directly by simply asking someone to "be empathic." Tools can be very powerful activators, and that's what we want to share with the community.

This will be an interactive workshop that will introduce a special empathy tool called the "Empathy Gap." The tool is designed to help teams with a practical and effective set of activities for empathic insights and demonstrate the new approach to embedding empathy better in product development.

The topic of the session will probe the ongoing tensions between different work formats (in-person/online/hybrid) and the issues raised by the virtual format when it comes to engagement and empathic connection.

Join us and learn more about the empathy gap and how we can bridge it together!

Thanks for reading!

Daiana, Krasi, and Kevin from Design & Critical Thinking.