Stop thinking. Start doing.


Designers, stop the mental masturbation: your job is just about colors, good typography and how much appealing you can make something look like.

Some people are trying to fool you with weird ideas as if you could “think” your design. Bullsh**! The best design process is the one you can come up with by yourself, through good old’ hard work.

So please, stop thinking. Stop talking. Stop sharing foreign ideas… Stop trying to look like a modern-age process Guru. Stop trying to be the business or tech guy you would hate to work with.

Design doesn’t need to be managed.

Why this picture? Don’t know, seems creative…

You better remain alone. Loneliness is the best creative space. Look at the writers, the artists, Elon Musk, the geniuses of all eras: this is their secret weapon. Don’t you dream of this golden-age era, when a lonely genius could just reveal its masterpiece to the world, everyone quietly listening and watching? I wish to live that…

If you dare ask me to show my process, I would tell you that you can’t understand, and you know it’s complicated stuff to be creative.

There is no such thing as a canvas or a framework for my creativity.

And all of these weird theories about psychology, usability… But hey! This is fake news!

Design is no science. It’s about emotions!
If I would be a scientist, I would tell you creativity is somewhere over there… kinda. Yep.

To work with data? No thanks, leave it to the marketing guys (or worse, the PMs). This is design, not maths!

You don’t like it? Leave it to me, you probably have no taste whatsoever.

Don’t think design. Feel it.

No need for workshops or co-creation blabla. Close your eyes, imagine the solution. Feel the shadow of the buttons, the inconsistent–yet–really–cool radius and styles you will add to your already messy sketch file. Feel all the vibrant colors you will probably find on Dribble, or on a yet-another-article about the importance of gradients or design trends for 2019. And don’t ask your users, they don’t know anything about design.

Empathy is overrated.

There’s some magic here: you don’t have to talk to tons of people. You don’t have to plan anything. You don’t have to care if you will redesign again existing stuff.

My design strategy? Open sketch and just do the job!

If it’s beautiful, people will buy it; people will use it. Otherwise, they are dumb!

KPIs? If people in the design community –only the good ones– like it then that’s fine to me. Everything else is none of my business.

Look at those colors… and waves at the bottom!? And you can video-call people while playing music! …Makes sense!

Anyway, why would I have to justify my self? Is there justifications for creativity!?

Be bold. Be brilliant.