Virtual Chalet session, 1 February 2022

The virtual chalet, a place for serendipitous discussions. #chaletverse

The “virtual chalet” is a recurring informal event (once every 2 weeks) for the community to take the space & time to discuss, share ideas & experiences, find support, ask questions, etc.

This week we discuss design in regards to groups and social dynamics, the role of language as affordance & constraints, the Squid Game as a catalyst, medium for interactions, and an attractor for diverging narratives around personal debts & financial insecurity, and the different layers of design. We also discuss bayesian thinking and using a probabilistic approach to design & innovation.

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Sorry for the audio quality of this recording, my internet connection was very unstable.



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John Mortimer

Cameron Norman

Marc Baumgartner

Daiana Zavate