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You need a UX strategy. Here’s how.

UX strategy helps the business solve its problems through an interlocking set of choices that coordinates UX activity for a desired experience.

UX Strategy Blueprint
How do we consistently create UX strategy? Tough question. Part of the problem is in the fuzziness of the term…experiencinginformation.com

Case Study: Setapp — A quest for market fit and how it founds its customers

“We didn’t know if our sales predictions were good or bad. Five hours into day one of public release, after months and months of planning, private and public beta, we started to see some small signs of traction. Early numbers indicated that our growth predictions were very wrong. […] We could only conclude that we had launched the product with positioning that was too generic, and that our goal — to convert all Mac users around the world, instantly — was too broad.”

In Search of Product/Market fit: How Setapp Found its Customers - Mind the Product
I joined Setapp as a product manager in January last year, at the same time as the company was launching its main…www.mindtheproduct.com

Human memory limitation and how to overcome it in design

Our working memory helps us handle current tasks, but too often the interfaces we’re using ask us too much effort: this is “cognitive overload”. In this new NNG’s great piece of work, understand the working memory limitation and how you to overcome it in your design.

Working Memory and External Memory
When people use websites or other user interfaces, a frequent cause of difficulty is that they forget information from…www.nngroup.com

Company culture experience abandon

Too often overlooked, company culture is rarely treated as a whole thing. The difficulty resides here: everyone is a “guardian” of its benevolence. This means everyone can impact it positively and negatively. Far beyond the social role, there is more and more an obvious need of ethics. Sounds like a job for a designer?

How Nike’s Toxic Workplace Hurt Its Bottom Line
Nike’s toxic workplace culture not only hurt the women at the company, but also its customers.medium.com

Design thinking misconception

Trends come and go. But is design thinking just that? When people misunderstand its value or misuse its application, it is common to judge things as useless. Here is an interesting article from UX Planet that highlights common misunderstandings and shows the two-sides of the design thinking: the process and the mindset.

Design thinking is not doomed — it’s misused
As design thinking continues to evolve into 2018…uxplanet.org

UX Metrics: Measure your work

Just. Do. It.

Quick Resource Guide to UX Metrics
Product teams in many organizations want to make sure that they are delivering the right features and results. However…medium.com

Product design : the superhero dilemma

With great power, great responsibility

Using Habit-Forming Technology for Good by Nir Eyal - Mind the Product
Summary: In this ProductTank NYC talk, behavioral designer Nir Eyal examines the ways in which product design can…www.mindtheproduct.com

Why this reading list? Too often we stay in our comfort zone and reduce our vision to what we already know: Designers read design stuff, business folks read business articles. Makes sense? But in reality things are not so divided and domains of knowledge overlap all the time.

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