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Hi everyone, Kevin here.

The more I learn and do in the field of design, the more I see connections with an exponential amount of other disciplines, practices, and knowledge. To deepen our understanding of what it means to tackle a whole variety of challenges in a whole variety of contexts and environments, we have to cross the boundaries that we have created — or at least, this is the premise.

I recently shared my interest in building such a “cross-practice” community.

We need to create collective discussions, reflections, questioning, and understanding. This would bring more value, meaning, and knowledge than the sum of individual knowledge, but more interestingly, more than the knowledge available in one single practice alone.

Well, obviously to reach that intent I need people like you 😊. So if you feel interested enough to join the initiative, I created a Slack here 👉

I wish it to be a collective & participatory thing. There is this idea of organizing video-calls with all members to make sense of our experiences/knowledge and create collective grounds, share ideas, ask questions, etc.

There is also a discussion around the co-creation of some resources, content, etc. to literary build practical, actionable, and shareable knowledge. We could also map out our collective challenges, interests, methods, (etc.) and their relationships in order to think about learnings or actions we could take.

But, hey, there is so much we could think about!

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Psst! The Slack link might expire after a few weeks. Don’t hesitate to drop a line and I will update it 😉