In this session, we discuss the relationship between AI, the potential for hyper-intelligence, and meaning through abstraction.

We also discuss the notions of duality and how duality with context creates useful contrast that adds meaning and generates new perspectives, which can be used as a design tool. This links to the concept of "negative space" in Semiotics, and "Early Heaven" and "Later Heaven" from ancient Chinese Ba Gua. This brings the notion of "the third perspective" and the ability to subvert expectations through the breaking of patterns.

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1. Here's a simple yet interesting explanation of "the third perspective" through the analysis of the narrative of the movie AVATAR in contrast to Princess Mononoke.

Avatar vs Princess Mononoke: How to have a message
Both Avatar and Princess Mononoke have stories that revolve around their messages. But both have two very different results and it’s because of the differenc...

2. Introduction to Bayesian Thinking by Julia Galef

Thinking like a Bayesian - Julia Galef (Strata + Hadoop World 2016)
Julia Galef outlines the most important principles of thinking like a Bayesian.Subscribe to O’Reilly on YouTube: O’Reilly on Twitt...

3. Bruno Latour's The Sociology of Science

Sociology of Science |

4. On narrative research

Notes on narrative research
Sensing patterns in the community through the stories of the people who live its life

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Artwork generated using DALLE, Prompt: “strange attractor, gravity field, beautiful landscape, digital art”

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