A new home, same location

Hi everyone, Kevin here.

Since the community launch back in August 2020, we have grown timidly our online presence. Our medium publication was the first touchpoint and means of communication with you, dear members, but also with a much broader audience of practitioners and people interested in the various topics we tackle.

Because we know that everyone cannot invest the same amount of time in the community's events or discussions, but still want to stay up to date with what happened, our newsletter hosted on Revue came not so long after that.

All of that was “glued” together with a basic static homepage that played the role of redirecting people to these different places, as well as our Youtube channel, and other social accounts.

This made the trick so far, but having these many touchpoints to maintain and update is not a small task and tends to diffuse the audience across many platforms, rendering them less effective and sometimes unclear which one to follow.

A convergence of spaces

From now on, accessing designcriticalthinking.com will bring you to our new website, hosted on Ghost.org. This will act as a central place to follow updates, read articles, newsletters, and event announcements.

This means we won't use our Revue newsletter anymore, but you can still access it to read previously published content. We will continue to update our Medium publication, but content will be prioritised & first published here.

Importantly, although our subscription model to  designcriticalthinking.com is and will remain free, most posts will be partially accessible to non-subscribed readers (unlike this one).

This brings other changes: newcomers will have to subscribe to get access to our Slack and to our library, both of them remain free whatsoever.

Do you need to take action?

We have transferred all Revue active subscribers to this new platform, and if you receive this update by email, this means you're already subscribed! You can log in to your account here and access all content now.

But if you desire to stop receiving emails from us, hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this message👇

Thanks for reading and happy to have you on board!

Looking forward to meeting you on our Slack or upcoming events and continuing this journey of mindful exploration together 🙏